Middle Range Theory and Nursing Practice

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Middle range nursing theory is the medium between the theory and practice in advancing nursing research. It allows implementing the precise theoretical knowledge in practice. Being more oriented on a combination of testing and clear theoretical instructions, the middle range theory enhances nursing practices’ advancement from theoretical and practical perspectives (Brando et al., 2019). This theory allows achieving the greater validity and reliability of the research as it is narrowed to the specific practice. The middle range nursing theory describes various practices and details of the nursing practices.

To this extent, it can be compared with the non-nursing or borrowed theory. The second notion involves the usage of the other domains’ knowledge in nursing practices. Nursing is complicated not only in terms of clinical practices but also staff inclusion and patent care (Callista, 2018). In order to ensure the efficient treatment of the patient, nurses should be ready to implement the concepts from other branches of knowledge such as psychology, management (Callista, 2018). In other words, borrowed theories study the practical non-clinical aspects of nursing practices. Therefore, similar to the middle range nursing theory, non0nursing is also focused primarily on applying theoretical knowledge in practice.

The essential factor of the middle range nursing theory is that even though they are based on grand theories, they can be easily applied in practice. Thus, integrating the theoretical material within the particular nursing practices can be achieved through this theory (Devenhorn, 2018). The middle range theory allows nurses to implement the theoretical knowledge in developing practical skills aiming to develop the quality of healthcare and patients’ safety. This theory can be efficiently used in the advancement of nursing practices. The middle range theory usage provides the most proficient integration of the theory in practice, which is vital in developing nursing practices.


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