Importance of Nursing Informatics and Computer Literacy for Nurses

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Nursing informatics competencies can be termed as having enough skills, knowledge, and capabilities to undertake special informatics skills. There are three basic features in informatics competencies, including basic computer skills, informatics knowledge, and finally, informatics skills. Apple Push Notifications (APNs) are the middle piece of the remote notification feature (Wohllebe et al., 2021). It is a vigorous, safe, and highly effective service for application developers to transmit information to Mac Operating Systems (MacOS) devices. One NI competency relevant to APNs is mastery of basic computer literacies; this is because information technology is a vital part of the healthcare industry. That is why clinicians are required to have basic computer information to be able to use technology to offer medical care. Technological skills will help nurses spend less time in filing patient care, thereby spending more time in giving standard care to the patients. In health, computer skills are also essential in making presentations. During the research, health officers need this knowledge to find extra information on the internet, document the findings, and present them; sometimes, they use slides to present.

The above expertise is also needed in browsing and making basic communication. Computer competencies are of great use, especially in handling patient information. For example, when a patient needs to be tested, they do not need to carry their details to the lab; doctors make direct communication with lab technicians on what to test the patient. Spreadsheets allow health workers to organize data in a table, for example, different details of patients with the same illness. This data includes; the weight in kilograms, height in both centimeters and meters, and Body mass index. Computers help keep a record of patient illnesses so that reviewing the previous records becomes easy, especially when you want to offer medication based on previous prescriptions.


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