Importance of Congestive Heart Failure Education

Topic: Cardiology
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The organization of affordable and effective medical care for Treating Congestive Heart Failure remains one of the promising areas of heart diseases prevention. When providing health care for patients with CHF, it is necessary to apply an integrated approach with the organization of both quality spot-on care and education of the patients. Brennan (2018) supplies that “nurse-led heart failure services help to improve patient outcomes through aiding pharmacological, interventional and holistic care” (p. 681). The existing nursing standards proved to have a moderately high impact on the patient’s safety and the quality of care.

However, there is still a need to educate the health care workers further. My research that targets traveling with CHF and possible interventions to avoid the exacerbation of the disease provide a thorough examination of different aspects of the topic. I do believe that educating the nurses on the details and consequences of the congestive heart failure would prove to be crucial in preventing the unwanted outcomes for patients, especially on the road.

At the same time, if there would be a special educational program established, it would undoubtedly change the whole perspective on the topic, adding more relevant information to it. This information would be gathered from real-time observations and interventions, which would contribute to the whole topic of CHF significantly. Rice et al. (2018) add that “nurse-led patient education for adults with HF improves quality of life and reduces hospital admissions and readmissions” (p. 372).

In my opinion, my research, if integrated in the educational program for nurses, could make it easier for them to accept the changes brought by that education in the first place. I have collected the most relevant data in my study, and gathered strong evidence for my thesis statements. My project provides a comprehensive insight into the very specific topic of traveling with CHF and avoiding the exacerbation of the disease. I think it would help the nurses understand more deeply and accept the necessary changes in their future practice.


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