Ethical Principles of Evidence-Based Practice

Topic: Medical Ethics
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Evidence-based practice refers to a thorough, thoughtful, and explicit utilization of the most current and best evidence to make decisions and adhere to ethical principles. Some practices do not use evidence in decision-making; hence use unproven methods, intuition, and traditions. Evidence-based practices revolved started in the field of medicine in the 1990s as evidence-based medicine. It involved changing from traditional approaches to treating patients to evidence-based research. Medical professionals base their decisions on evidence to carry out their duties. It involves the use of up-to-date information to influence decision-making. More recent studies show that evidence-based practices work in other fields like education and psychology.

One of the essential principles of providing healthcare services ethically is autonomy. This refers to the ability of healthcare providers or nurses to make their own decisions in the process of treatment. Evidence-based practice greatly supports the principle of autonomy. By providing nurses with the approach that ensures that decisions are made only in cases where the knowledge of the situation is sufficient and evidence-based, healthcare providers are empowered to act autonomously and take risks.

Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice guide the delivery of healthcare services. The American Nurses Association develops sixteen particular standards. Standard 9 refers to evidence-based practice and research, meaning that it is essential to adhere to the principles of EBP in healthcare practice. Besides, EBP is involved in other standard activities such as assessment, diagnosis, outcome identification, planning, and evaluation (American Nurses Association, & American Holistic Nurses’ Association, 2019). Using evidence-based practice is vital for ensuring adherence to the ethical code of conduct and the Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice.


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