Energy Drinks vs. Vitamins Consumption

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Consuming energy drinks is similar to addiction since a person gets used to the constant consumption of components that stimulate the nervous system, such as caffeine and sugar. I rarely drink energy drinks and prefer one brand for its flavor. However, I am not prone to the uncontrolled consumption of these beverages and believe that people who cannot do without them have a persistent habit. When people drink coffee or tea every day, they become addicted, and the body requires new portions. As a result, a persistent habit is formed towards the individual components of energy drinks.

I try to take care of my health and, in addition to regular active workouts, I take vitamins and mineral supplements. Among the complexes that I drink, I can highlight vitamin C, D3, zinc, oregano oil, ashwagandha, probiotics, as well as apple cider vinegar gummies. The key reason I started doing this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and I strive to protect my immunity. The role of vitamins is to ensure the normal functioning of all internal organs and body systems. They can improve sleep quality, increase efficiency and emotional stability, enhance metabolism, remove toxins, and perform many other valuable functions. Many people take vitamin and mineral supplements due to the development of vitamin deficiency when the body lacks useful substances. In addition, a balanced vitamin complex is necessary for those who have suffered a severe infection, are on strict diets, or eat junk food often. Vitamins are particularly important for those who drink alcohol and smoke, and this is due to their weakened immunity.

Taking vitamin complexes is crucial because a person can hardly obtain all the necessary nutrients from consumed foods. Such factors as the freshness of products, the way they are prepared, and the intake rates are constraints. As a result, this is unlikely that a person will get the required amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals since there are too many conditions to be met. At the same time, the recommended daily amount of nutrients should never be exceeded due to potential negative effects on the body and its systems. An excess of vitamins and minerals can cause gastrointestinal upset, nerve damage, hair loss, and other problems because excess, in this case, is no better than a lack.

When comparing the consumption of energy drinks and the intake of vitamins, one cannot argue that these are similar actions. Vitamins are direct nutrients, while substances found in energy drinks are supplemented with such ingredients as sugars, colors, and flavors. Consuming too many energy drinks can harm human health but not due to the high content of vitamins but, first of all, due to accompanying harmful components. Moreover, taking them together with vitamins will not bring the desired effect since negative impacts on the body overpower the positive effects of vitamin complexes. In small and rare doses, energy drinks do not pose much of a threat, but if both beverages and vitamins are overused, health impacts can be severe. Most often, the abuse of energy drinks occurs among young people of adolescence and early adulthood, who, due to an active lifestyle or physical activity, become attached to these drinks. The excessive use of vitamins is characteristic for people of mature and older age when they begin to notice health problems and seek to correct them on their own. Therefore, adherence to the correct dosage is a prerequisite for well-being.

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