Corporate Culture in Healthcare Organizations

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Culture in Organizations

Culture in an organization forms the foundation in trait development that is key to achieving business success. The model of ethics reiterates choosing options as a responsibility of the staff in coming up with lucrative outcomes (How Companies like Patagonia Align Culture with Policies & Procedures, 2020). An ethical dilemma is a situation where the available alternatives affect the standards of ethics. The article aims to discuss the impact of corporate culture on patients’ satisfaction, analyze the ethical dilemma, and provide appropriate intervention.

Importance of Corporate Culture and Its Role in Employee Satisfaction and Ethics

Developing a determined and robust culture in a company aids in retaining a top-notch class of individuals, thus fostering quality of services. In recent studies, corporate culture has been fundamental in improving and raising social interaction, efficiency, and performance among employees. Another benefit likened to company culture is the enhancement of policies for vacations that allow employees to rejuvenate. The workers in a company are given a freedom of dressing code that will enable them to flex freely and offer comfort. The corporate culture is instrumental in deciding on the turnover of business workers (How Companies like Patagonia Align Culture with Policies & Procedures, 2020). The departure of employees from the company depends on the culture instituted in the company amongst workers. The fostering of positive work experiences amongst employees enhances the quality of hire.

Satisfaction amongst employees and ethics significantly depends on the culture of the organization. As expressed by lucrative values and norms, organizational culture impacts the perception of workers, motivating them and hence rendering their satisfaction. Additionally, a well-built culture among employees helps in matters of ethical behaviors, especially decision making. In addition, culture impacts employees to ascertain moral personalities of integrity and honesty in conducting business activities (How Companies like Patagonia Align Culture with Policies & Procedures, 2020). A culture built on good ethics aids in offering protection to the company and maintains the prices of services and commodities.

Meaning and Corporate Culture Impact of “Let my people surf” within Patagonia

The phrase “Let my people surf” in Patagonia means creating time for employees to participate in rejuvenating activities such as climbing, surfing, and skiing, among other sports activities. In this manner, employees can detect their strengths and weaknesses and improve areas of development (How Companies like Patagonia Align Culture with Policies & Procedures, 2020). In addition, employees get to spend time with family in sports activities, facilitating the aspect of education in employees, achieving the balance of work and mind refreshment, and creating a desired work-life.

The phrase has impacted the corporate culture of motivation since workers can identify and work on their weaknesses during rejuvenation time. Additionally, a culture of social interaction with children and spouses has significantly influenced the satisfaction of employees. The culture has made employees develop commitment and engagement in performance, thus rendering quality of work (How Companies like Patagonia Align Culture with Policies & Procedures, 2020). The workers have a culture of reporting to work, decreasing absenteeism rates and leading to employee productivity.

Comparison between compliance-based Cultures with a Value-Based Culture

Compliance-based culture refers to employees obeying the preset rules as the critical feature in enhancing ethical obligation. Additionally, the culture will give the mandate to the allowed counsel and task offices to take charge and enforce compliance with the law. On the other hand, value-based culture focuses on the organization’s values, identity, and beliefs to envision the shape of the organization. Value-based culture is usually attributed to a specific set of values other than rules and regulations. Patagonia demonstrates value-based culture; this is because of the particular set of values that the company possesses. For example, employees’ values have passion and get committed to the task allocated (5 ‘Ridiculous’ Ways Patagonia Has Built a Culture That Does Well and Does Good, 2021). For example, the identity that the company portrays creates time for refreshment with family, social interaction, and work engagement. Both compliance-based culture and value-based focus on employees obeying the preset rules.

Ethical Dilemma and Facts

As a senior manager, the ethical dilemma in the stated case is the decision to fire the employee or not. The dilemma emerges because every employee has the freedom of speech or expression regarding a particular issue. However, the employee should follow the correct chain of command in articulating the matter of concern. The facts identified in the scenario are that the post has gone rampant and affected the employees, suppliers, and customers. The other fact is the rant on tweeter has something to do with the company, and part of the customers, employees, and suppliers are pissed off.

The point and counterpoint concept include incidences of employee ranting or complaining is normal, although the way of articulation and channeling of issues is of great concern. Circumstances can force employees to get frustrated and rant because of the frustrations. Legal issues associated with the right to privacy and freedom of speech include the freedom of workers in the United States (US) to speak freely and intermingle with other employees, customers, and employers. A written reprimand will be issued to the employee, informing them about violations of the rules and regulations of the organization. The reprimand document will aid the employee in abstract thinking and consider decision-making when faced with such challenging situations (5 ‘Ridiculous’ Ways Patagonia Has Built a Culture That Does Well and Does Good, 2021). The provision of balance between privacy rights and company interest is using technology and equipment for surveillance. In addition, legitimizing bills that support employees set a balance with the company’s interests and privacy rights. Discipline among employees is essential in an organization. However, senior managers need to follow the correct discipline strategies while enforcing a change of behavior.


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