Benefits and Detriments of Genetically Modified Products

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People are the only creatures on the planet that can cook. Some scholars believe that cooking played a central part in our evolution. But we went further and decided we want not only to cook well but also to spend less time on it. Genetically modified food (GMO) has been a topic of ongoing debate since the nineties. Even though there are reasonable concerns regarding the dangers of GMOs, all of them are unfounded. Tons of research has been done on bioengineered food, but scientists have failed to find any evidence that GMOs harm humans.

The benefits of genetically modified products are countless; the food is tastier and more nutritious, requiring fewer pesticides. The plants are more drought- and disease-resistant. Due to the increased speed of growth, the food supply is bigger; however, its shelf life is longer. Food engineering helps to achieve food with more desirable traits; for example, certain vegetables such as potatoes produce less of a cancer-causing substance during cooking.

Finally, medicinal food such as berries, herbs, spices, etc. can be used as medicines or even for producing vaccines.

Without a doubt, GMOs have raised many concerns from the public as soon as they were introduced to the market. People worry about whether genetically modified products can cause allergies or a toxic reaction. One concern, among others, is the inadvertent transfer of the genes from one plant to another, which may cause undesirable genetic modification. Despite the public’s worries, there is no scientific evidence that genetically modified food causes any of these problems. The US Food and Drug Administration, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the US Department of Agriculture regulate the production of bioengineered products.

In conclusion, the pros of genetically modified organisms are countless, starting from increased crop yield and nutritious food to more effective medicine and vaccines. Thorough research proved that there is no detriment to human health. I agree that the phrase “genetically modified food” does sound scary and unappetizing; however, GMOs are completely safe to consume.


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