Analysis of Prescription Drug Abuse

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Short-term effects of misusing Adderall include issues with sleep, Digestive complications such as constipation and nausea, Rapid heartbeat, Mood swings including irritability, anxiety and agitation, Headaches, Dry mouth, Rapid heart palpitations, Edginess, and Loss of appetite.

Long-term effects include Headaches, Loss of weight, Weariness, Stomach complications, numbness of the limbs, swellings, seizures, and mental health problems such as anxiety.

Possession of Adderall is illegal when a person is caught with the drug without a prescription or more than the prescribed amount. Selling your prescription is also illegal.


Vicodin misuse can lead to drowsiness, constipation, euphoria, and slowed breathing, which can lead to further psychological and neurological complications, such as coma, head damage, or even death, thanks to inadequate oxygen in the brain.


Adverse effects of taking Zoloft include headaches, diarrhea, dizziness, and fatigue. Severe side effects include shortness of breath, passing out, persistent bleeding (that exceeds around 10 minutes), suicidal thoughts, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and seizures.

Doctors perform an eye test to determine preexisting eye problems as sertraline may cause angle-closure glaucoma. Doctors also look out for sertraline allergies.


Negative effects of Accutane include thinning hair, dry skin, a dry nose that triggers constant nose bleeds, and chapped lips. Accutane can also cause increased pressure in your brain, which may cause seizures, stroke, and blurred vision. Accutane can also cause serious mental health problems and mood swings.

Doctors perform two urine or pregnancy tests before administering Accutane treatment. Doctors advise their patients to undertake two forms of effective birth control. Doctors then advise their patients not to get pregnant during Accutane treatment for a month after or before treatment.

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