Analysis and Summary of Personal Health Status

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After completing the analysis in the online health analytical tool, the results provided various indications of the personal health outcomes. First, it is important to describe the family tree results from the task. The major communicable disease in the family is diabetes, considering that two uncles, an aunt, a paternal grandmother, and a maternal grandfather have had diabetes at various stages of their lives. Nevertheless, no sibling or parent is diabetic so far, which does not mean that the family is not at risk of developing the condition. From an analysis, it was noted that the age of onset of the illness was not uniform, but all the cases occurred between the ages of 40 and 60. However, the family members have been able to survive for years with the disease due to proper medication and nutritional therapy (Wang & Hu, 2018). Therefore, the cause and age of death are not related to the disease because those who have died were victims of other causes, specifically old age. Indeed, only the grandparents died and none of them died from diabetes.

Out of the eight health dimensions in the online health analytical tool used, the highest was 90%, while the lowest was 67.5%. The total score was 577.5% and the average score for all eight dimensions was 72.19%. Spiritual wellness was the health dimension with the highest score of 90% while emotional wellness had the lowest score at 67.5%. An average of 72.19% is a good score as it shows that the individual has generally good health and well-being and is not likely to be at risk of any disease, including the major healthcare problem in the family tree.

In regard to the diabetes issue in the family line, it is important to look at and analyze the results for certain healthcare dimensions that are relevant to the disease. Specifically, physical wellness relates to the risk of developing diabetes at some stage in life. In this case, the physical wellness health dimension had a score of 72.5%. As the analytical tool describes, the physical wellness dimension relates to recognizing the need for physical activity, sleep, and healthy foods (Wang & Hu, 2018). Research shows that diabetes can be prevented and managed based on this approach. First, diabetes requires good nutrition to prevent and manage (Wang & Hu, 2018). It is both a lifestyle and genetic disease that is managed and prevented by taking the correct diet, mostly avoiding junk foods, excessive fats, sugary foods, and processed foods and instead taking fruits and vegetables, organic foods, low calories, low sugar, a lot of water, and others. One needs to eat healthy foods at all times to ensure that he or she is not at risk of developing diabetes, especially for those whose family tree has evidence of cases.

Nevertheless, the score of 72.5% for the physical wellness dimension is not the best and should be improved. In fact, it should be somewhere between 85% and above 90% for a person whose family tree has some cases of diabetes. Therefore, the plan is to ensure that there is a lot of focus on a good diet, physical fitness, and adequate sleep (Wang & Hu, 2018). It means that one must improve the behavior as a way of achieving better scores during the next test and analysis.

In conclusion, it is clear that the online tool is an effective method of examining the health status of an individual. Indeed, it reflects the actual health status at the moment. The family tree has evidence that members are at risk of developing diabetes. Therefore, the most important health dimension for the individual is physical wellness. The achieved score means that the person is doing quite well but needs to take additional precautions to reduce the risk of diabetes. In addition, the tool tells one the areas that need improvement and the possible methods of achieving this objective.


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