An Effective Nurse Leader’s Positive Impacts

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Practical nursing is a significant factor that motivates nurses to represent the full interests of the profession through researching and refining nursing skills to ensure competition and better patient outcomes. A nurse leader is a qualified nurse entitled to the mandate to inspire and motivate existing nurses and practicing nurse students to attain the healthcare organization’s goals being represented. Effective nurse leaders have several advantages to a healthcare organization. The advantages include reduced medical faults, improved patient outcomes, and improved workplace relationships between the employer and employees. As a nurse leader, one is tasked with ensuring patient safety and controlling the nursing resources allocated to care for the patients.

Nurse leaders need to have a deep desire to provide quality service and ensure excellent patient outcomes. A good nurse manager needs to ensure that the staff is directed towards focusing on patient care rather than the financial benefit that comes with being a nurse leader. By rooting the idea of improving patient safety and care, a nurse manager can positively impact the healthcare system in the organization. Effective patient care promotes customer loyalty, a competitive advantage to the healthcare organization (Marquis and Huston, 2021). Policymaking is an administrative role of a nurse manager that ensures that employees are guided toward attaining a similar goal. According to Marquis and Huston (2021), “when Congress passes a piece of legislation, it is often crafted in broad strokes that may include findings of fact or objectives of the law. However, the practical aspects of implementing the laws often require more complex and detailed policies.” A nurse manager can implement policies based on patient care and ensure that employees strive to provide quality nursing services through effective rulemaking.

A nurse manager must embrace teamwork and communication to positively influence the healthcare system. Lack of proper communication channels between the nurse leaders and employees can be fatal, especially to the well-being of the patients (Wood, 2021). According to Wood (2021), teamwork, especially between nurse leaders, is essential in solving challenges that might arise through executing daily duties and innovation. To ensure positive results in a healthcare organization, a nurse manager should possess proper communication skills that will be used to pass information to employees effectively. Nursing managers should introduce organizational ranks in different departments to help gather helpful information that might be used to innovate and improve services.

The use of technology, especially in providing quality healthcare services, is growing worldwide more than ever. A practical nurse manager should have the capacity and knowledge to provide solutions to challenges that might arise due to current healthcare technology. Moreover, a practical nurse manager needs to provide solutions through credible research and analysis, mainly used in innovations (Galura, 2020). A nurse manager can improve healthcare outcomes through proper communication skills and channels by identifying creative employees whose ideas are used to innovate new technology. The use of technology by healthcare institutions is also a competitive advantage due to improved quality and medical services’ affordability.

Developing future nurse leaders is one of the core duties of a nurse manager, which positively influences the healthcare system, especially in the nursing profession. Nurse Managers are responsible for mentoring practicing and incoming nurses to provide quality services through advanced education and improved interpersonal skills. In order to become a worthy mentor to upcoming nurse leaders, a nurse manager should be regularly updated with current trends in nursing and medical innovations, an important aspect of healthcare management.

Success in acquiring positive nursing leadership requires a nurse manager to improve interpersonal skills that dictate their professional and personal career goals. A nurse manager needs to understand the organizational culture as working towards a defined goal promotes positive outcomes in the healthcare system. Understanding the organizational goals ensures that the nurse manager implements the desired work culture among the employees, promoting positive patient care and outcomes (Galura, 2020). An effective nurse manager needs to show empathy to the employees. By listening and understanding different perspectives from employees, a nurse manager can easily identify areas that need improvement and call for appropriate action. Empathy creates a positive workplace where employees can easily air out their opinions and even offer possible solutions to the nursing profession’s challenges. Assuming the role of a mentor is an interpersonal skill that ensures that a nurse manager promotes a positive working environment for nurses. A nurse manager should be well informed of current trends since leading by example is a necessary leadership skill for positive patient outcomes in the healthcare system.

The nursing profession entails helping and caring for patients who need intensive care, psychological help, and even physical assistance. Therefore, a nurse manager should always motivate and inspire the staff to ensure positive outcomes. Motivating the staff also promotes employer-employee relationships that improve the quality of services. Having qualified nurse leaders and employees benefits a healthcare organization, and offering quality care is an essential aspect of the societal part.


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