Abortion Training Practices and Facility Inspection

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Abortion is the unnatural pregnancy termination that results in fetal death. In normal circumstances, women have the right to choose whether to have an abortion or not, while in some situations, the woman’s health condition calls for a surgical operation. In all cases, abortion requires qualified healthcare practitioners to carry out the process successfully. Lack of proper healthcare practice, the process endangers the lives of the women involved.

I suggest that the medical colleges should extend training on abortion practices and skills to enhance the healthcare practitioners in delivering quality services to deserving pregnant women. The service includes the emergencies that occur to pregnant women having complications that later result in abortion requirements to save the mother’s life. Planned Parenthood reported that from 19992 to 19996, the number of abortion physicians dropped by 14% (Nowak, 2003). Without operation knowledge and conducive facilities, the women in danger are likely to lose lives due to delays in waiting for qualified persons or wrong practices in the situation.

I think the State’s health department and the federal government should be on the lookout to ensure that medical training colleges integrate extensive training on abortion practice and skill acquisition. Based on the recent reports concerning the decline in abortion training provisions, physicians’ shortages, and unconducive facilities are essential for the federal and legal means of intervention through inspection and questioning the non-compliant individuals. The operation rescue on inspecting the 17 abortion facilities in Texas from 2015 to 2016 through the States Heath Services Department gained evidence that only one facility complied with the safety requirements (APFLI, 2016). This situation implicates that the rest significantly endangered women’s health and lives.

To deal with abortion challenges, we should also educate women on contraception methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Some countries use coercive measures for sterilization contraception. We should inform individuals at a tender age, like teenagers, about the importance of abstinence to avoid early pregnancies that are likely to encompass complications requiring special healthcare services in saving lives. All women of childbearing age should be aware of the different contraception for them to choose the most suitable regarding their health conditions.


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